2017 BRCA LSOR National and Warm Up Event News

We are only hours away from the start of the 2017 BRCA LSOR championship, & the 2017 EFRA Euros warm up event and it looks like the Easter meeting will be a great meeting at the Nene Valley Raceway facility.

Currently there are 77 drivers pre registered for this meeting and if this is the case by the end of practice on Saturday then we will be set for a full on race meeting on Sunday with a drivers briefing at 8am, racing commencing at 8:30 with an anticipated presentation time of 7pm.

For those interested in seeing how the weekend is going then pop over to RCM or our BRCA LSOR site here and click on the results menu for either the live results for the latest race underway on Sunday or the Rnd 1 class reports which will be updated as we progress throughout the meeting.

If you are on the move then pop across to our timing partner myrcm @ www.myrcm.ch and get the link for the latest app or stream for rnd 1 here

Technology permitting the latest live laps should occur below:-

Darren Worth

2017 BRCA LSOR Section Chairman

Latest EC Sponsors

The organisers of the 2017 European championship are pleased to announce the following supporters of this summers event :-

The organisers wish to acknowledge their generosity in supporting our event, thank you.

If you are reading this and wish to be involved or know an organisation which may want to get involved with the 2017 Large Scale Off Road European Championship then either review\forward our sponsorship page available here or contact our sponsorship team via email at sponsorship@lsoreuros.uk 

We look forward to welcoming and announcing additional supporters of the 2017 LSOR European Championship as we progress towards the main event.

Darren Worth

Latest driver numbers

On behalf of the UK organisers I have the pleasure in confirming that as of this evening the 2017 LSOR European Championship has 134 drivers allocated with the UK team accounting for 50 of these.

The 2017 LSOR United Kingdoms European team comprises :-

1Dave AshtonJack KeatleyPete Barns
2Andy KnightCraig OrmanJez Cauldwell
3Mark HigginsMark SuggittMatt Perry
4Mark CoveGuy PageJim Whitehead
5Paul GrestyStu WoodIan Southey
6Karl NorrisChris SutcliffeSteve Jones
7Oliver WhittlestonMike HumphreysTommy Chung
8Terry JacksonRik AshmanAndy Spence
9Mark BrownAyaz AslamJohn Hall
10Phil ChesterLeon SatchelRob Harpham
11Martin FitzpatrickLee Chapman
12Les DarbyJames Clark
13Dave ParishJamie Boobyer
14Roger SmithMatt Stokes
15Gary BarnsMark Pearson
16John DarbyMatt Buxton
17Adam EllisMark Newham
18Sohail "sid" IqbalPaul Lyczba
19Kevin EvansSimon Gaskell
20Kevin Lander
21Heidi Shilcock

 The 134 drivers are split across the countries as shown below :-

24. – 29.07.2017 EC LS OR – Nene Valley, Great Britain        
    4WD 2WD SC Total
Australia   1 1   2
Austria OFMAV – OFMAV Oesterreichischer Funk Modell Auto Verband 1     1
Belgium FBA – F.B.A. Federation Belge d´Automobiles 2     2
Croatia HAMS – HAMS Hrvatski Automodelarski Savez 1     1
Czech Republic RCACR – RC Autoclub of Czech Republic    2   2
Denmark DASU – DASU Dansk Automobil Sports Union 2 7   9
Estonia EAK – Eesti Automudelispordi Klubi 2     2
Finland AKK – AKK-Motorsport Ry 12     12
France FFVRC – F.F.V.R.C. Fédération Française de Voitures Radio Commandées 5 5  3 10
Germany DMC – DMC Deutscher Minicar Club e.v. 7 1 5 13
Great Britain BRCA – British Radio Car Association BRCA 19 10 21 50
Netherlands NOMAC – NOMAC Nederlandse Organisatie Model Auto Clubs 5 6 13
Spain AECAR – AECAR Asociacion Española de coches a radiocontrol 2 5   7
Switzerland SRCCA – SRCCA Swiss R/C Cars Association 4 3   7
    63 40 31 131

We look forward to welcoming you all to the 2017 European championship in July.

Darren Worth

BRCA LSOR Section Chairman