2017 LSOR EC Latest Entrance Numbers

Firstly the organisers of the 2017 LSOR Euros wish all those reading this a very happy new year and hope you have an enjoyable race season in 2017.

We have just received the latest attendance numbers for this summers event.

We have 112 drivers entered as shown below :-

24. – 29.07.2017 EC LS OR – Nene Valley, Great Britain        
    4WD 2WD SC Total
Australia   1 1   2
Austria OFMAV – OFMAV Oesterreichischer Funk Modell Auto Verband 1     1
Belgium FBA – F.B.A. Federation Belge d´Automobiles 2     2
Croatia HAMS – HAMS Hrvatski Automodelarski Savez 1     1
Denmark DASU – DASU Dansk Automobil Sports Union 2 7   9
Estonia EAK – Eesti Automudelispordi Klubi 2     2
Finland AKK – AKK-Motorsport Ry 12     12
France FFVRC – F.F.V.R.C. Fédération Française de Voitures Radio Commandées 5 5   10
Germany DMC – DMC Deutscher Minicar Club e.v. 7 1 5 13
Great Britain BRCA – British Radio Car Association BRCA 17 9 16 42
Netherlands NOMAC – NOMAC Nederlandse Organisatie Model Auto Clubs 4 3   7
Spain AECAR – AECAR Asociacion Española de coches a radiocontrol 2 2   4
Switzerland SRCCA – SRCCA Swiss R/C Cars Association 4 3   7
    60 31 21 112

This still leaves us 4 drivers and 1 country short of the required 25 drivers, 3 counties minimum to comply with the EFRA rules to award a European title to our short course entrant, so once again if any country has not supplied there short course requirements to EFRA then please do so. Likewise non European drivers may participate in the LSOR Euros until such time that a suitable world championship is run

The organisers look forward to seeing the 112 drivers later this year and the 42 man UK team comprises :-

2WD :- Dave Ashton, Andy Knight, Mark Higgins, Mark Cove, Paul Gresty, Karl Norris, Oliver Whittleston, Terry Jackson, Mark Brown

4WD :- Jack Keatley, Craig Orman, Mark Suggitt, Guy Page, Stu Wood, Chris Sutcliffe, Luke Gower, Rik Ashman, Ayaz Aslam, Leon Satchel, Martin Fitzpatrick, Les Darby, Dave Parish, Jim Davis, Roger Smith, Gary Barns, John Darby

SC :- Pete Barns, Adam Ellis, Jez Cauldwell, Matt Perry, Jim Whitehead, Ian Southey, Steve Jones, Tommy Chung, Andy Spence, John Hall, Rob Harpham, Lee Chapman, James Clark, Jamie Boobyer, Matt Stokes, Mark Pearson


Happy New Year to you all,

Darren Worth

BRCA LSOR Section Chairman


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